Qualcomm Desires To Ban iPhone Importations in United States

The conflict of lawsuit-infused between Qualcomm and Apple has become more serious after Qualcomm company requested the International Trade Commission to ban the importation of iPhones from Asia to the United States. Previously San Diego-based enterprise launched a lawsuit against Apple, claiming that it made its chips look inferior to Intel's. Until the iPhone 7, Qualcomm was the sole supplier of modems for all Apple phones. The latest devices though started using a mixture of Intel and Qualcomm hardware.

The free trade commission also claimed that Qualcomm extorts smartphone manufacturers to pay royalties even if they are using other companies’ components. Meanwhile, the International Trade Commission has the power to stop any import of non-US goods, but it's unlikely that it will go this far in this case. And in all cases, the proceedings will be long enough not to put the next iPhone launch in the problem .

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