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Have you been rejected many times by Google? Have you tried many times to get Google Adsense approve for your blog? Or your application have been on review for a long time? well, it's not a new problem, many bloggers especially new bloggers are facing the same problem where either Google reject their application for one or two reasons or have kept their blog under review for a long time.

There are many reasons why Google does that especially with this Google new policy it hard to get AdSense approvement these days. If you get failed to AdSense account or get ban by Google AdSense. We know it's very hard to get approved AdSense account again. They have their own terms and conditions to make AdSense account approval. Even if you have website or blog which come under terms and conditions of Google AdSense you get rejected by them. We are here to serve you as you can buy AdSense from us for a cheaper price.

List of country Adsense we sale

We sell the following country AdSense

  • USA Google Adsense Account
  • UK Google Adsense Account
  • Nigeria Google Adsense Account

What is the price range?

USA Google Adsense Account: NGN 8000
UK Google Adsense Account:  NGN 8000 
Nigeria Google Adsense Account: NGN 35,000

You can get the AdSense account at more cheaper rate because that's not the final price. All the AdSense account we sell are all approved by Google AdSense so you can start use at purchase. We can also help you to verify your UK and US Google Adsense account all you need to is to contact us.

We have solutions for

  1. Site Does Not Comply With Google Policies
  2. Insufficient Content
  3. Banded By Adsense
  4. Unable TO Use Multiple Adsense
  5. CPC Is Too Low
  6. Need More Adsense Acc
  7. Banded By Adsense
  8. Unable TO Use Multiple Adsense

How do I get one Google Adsense Account for myself

Contact us on Whatsapp and Telegram via 07065454185
You can also Email us @

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